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Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's American Idiot week!
Posted by Jill | 11:57 AM
Yes, folks, the musical of our age, American Idiot opens Tuesday night.

There's talk of a movie, which will undoubtedly then be turned back into another musical, which means not only that Green Day has become Mel Brooks, but also that a trio of guys who used to do 3-chord punk about getting high and jerking off have become the Most Important Band in America.

So in celebration of this much-anticipated event (which Melina and I will have the fun of attending next Saturday, which means my anticipation is as much about not having to work two 15-hour days next weekend as about the show itself), here at B@B we're declaring this to be officially American Idiot week, so every day (time permitting), we'll point our fingers and laugh at a particularly fine specimen of American Idiot.

Our first Idiot, as Blue Girl reminds us, is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who just over a year ago, scoffed at the idea of volcano monitoring:

Still think volcano monitoring is something to be mocked, there, Bobby? Here's something around which your greedy little Republican mind can perhaps wrap itself.

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Blogger jurassicpork said...
At first, I was cynical about American Idiot getting turned into a musical but sometimes you have to see the vision before you can judge it.

I love Green Day, especially the American Idiot CD. "On Holiday" is a good song and video (actually part of a two part video featuring another song).

These kids are talented. Good luck to them.

JP, who's not part of the redneck agenda