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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ordinarily, I'd Trust Sarah Palin

...about as much as a sniper, or a creepy clown, in a storm drain.

That's why I have to disrespectfully decline Gov. Palin's defense of liberals Downs Syndrome child Trig by calling for Rahm Emanuel's supposed putdown of liberals. In fact, she's calling for his firing from the wilderness of Facebook, which I'm sadly sure has more readers than the late JD Salinger.

No word ever came from Jesus Camp about them wanting to fire Karl Rove for calling evangelicals "wackos", according to David Kuo.

Some clarifications need to be made:

One, people with Down's Syndrome are not retarded.

Two, while Rahm Emanuel is a glorified, overpaid gargoyle whose hostility toward liberals is nearly legendary, Emanuel called a threat of liberal groups airing ads disparaging to Blue Dog Democrats blocking health care reform "fucking retarded", not liberals themselves. There's a difference between insulting a plan of action and crude ad hominems.

Three, and most importantly, Sarah Palin can go fuck herself with a cheese grater.
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Anonymous mandt said...
Bet he buys his daughter a retard for ballet lessons! DUH! HUH?----oh, never mind.

Anonymous Charlie O said...
Wow. Now tell us how you really feel about Sarah Palin.