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Sunday, February 28, 2010

10 Things I Learned from the 2010 Winter Olympics
Posted by Jill | 2:37 PM
10. Stephen Colbert is a bigger draw in Vancouver than Ann Curry, Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer huddled like homeless people in front of a garbage can fire.

9. Scott Hamilton obviously does NOT watch The Colbert Report.

8. All Bode Miller needed was to grow up a bit.

7. The awesomeness of Shaun White abides.

6. The Russian skating federation and Evgeni Plushenko may be the worst sore losers in the history of the games, but the U.S. obsession with "the medal count" shows that it's us who are still fighting the Cold War.

5. Sometimes there is freedom in losing. By not medaling, Johnny Weir was free to rise above his own sport.

4. Opening ceremonies will ALWAYS look and play like tributes to Leni Riefenstahl.

3. Somewhere in the new scoring system is a requirement that female solo figure skaters must display their crotches to the judges.

2. Dead mothers trump dead athletes.

1. Halt! Or How I Learned to Stop Sneering and Love Watching Curling. Which way to the Bergen County Curling Club?


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Anonymous mandt said...
"Opening ceremonies will ALWAYS look and play like tributes to Leni Riefenstahl.-----can't help it!....laughing my ass offf. So true!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Which way to the Bergen County Curling Club?"

The nearest is in South Plainfield. Don't think that one's in Bergen County. But they might let you join anyway!!!
Don't you work down that way???

Blogger Bob said...
With all the emphasis on Olympic national medal counts, the American Way should be to determine cost-per-medal, calculate potentials, & drop every team & sport in which it is determined we have small chance of winning medal. We're sorry, but we're outsourcing the Dept. Of Biathlon to Belarus.

& demand that women's softball be reinstated as an Olympic sport.

Blogger Maggie Jochild said...
Yeah, #4 made me squirt Ensure out my nose. Gtreat summation.

Blogger Jayhawk said...
Yes on the curling. I was hooked at the last Olympics, and I watched every available minute of it this year. Coverage was awesome, commentary was fun, and my wife is convinced that I have finally lost it altogether. Football she gets; college basketball and the "March Madness" thing is beginning to get on her nerves; stock car racing is "watching cars go around in a circle" to her; but curling had her looking in the Yellow Pages under "Nuthouses."

Blogger Distributorcap said...
where does one buy a curling broom - i bet they would sweep the dust up in my apt in a flash

that was great - espeically Leni Reifenstahl

Blogger WenD said...
Was figure skating for women even televised on NBC prime time? When?

In between hills covered with now, I saw - two - performances, the same skater in the short and long programs. During her long program, she started slowing down into her first minute, like a wind-up toy draining it's battery. I'm sure she worked hard to get there, but this was far from the main event I've enjoyed in the past. I waited for other performers, and waited in vain. Just more snow. Lots of snow and hills. I gave up. After seeing the results online, I no longer cared.

I live near Seattle and miss CBC. But like Jon Kyl said, I'm enjoying my unemployment checks so much, I'm squeezing them for rent and food instead of paying for FIOS. The Canadian coverage of Olympics past was always excellent. Fewer tape delays, more skaters, fewer commercials, so I can only imagine what we missed out on. Heckofa job, NBCee.