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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sanford to SC residents: I have the divine right of kings, so STFU
Posted by Jill | 4:21 AM
Now in the arrogance of Mark Sanford and John Ensign, we're seeing the arrogance of the spiritual system followed by "The Family", a system in which you can embezzle, cheat on your wife, misuse state funds, rape little girls, rape little boys for that matter, and it's all OK because God has told you that he's chosen you to be special.

Didn't we used to call people who heard voices in their heads "schizophrenic"? There are medications for this, you know.

But in South Carolina, Gov. Mark Sanford has remembered his special status as One Anointed By God to be part of the He-Man Woman Haters Club at the C Street house and is telling South Carolina reporters to fuck off:
Gov. Mark Sanford said it was time for the state to move on from the weeks-long debate about whether he should stay or resign following his admission of an extramarital affair.

Sanford spoke at the Greer office of the Department of Motor Vehicles to discuss concerns about a federal ID program, his first public appearance in weeks.

The governor said he had apologized for his mistake and was working to win back the trust of S.C. residents. A handful of people applauded and shouted their agreement.

“I’m moving forward and I think the people of South Carolina are ready to do the same,” Sanford said, adding to the media: “I’m going to move on with my life. The question is, will you?”

Because after all, apologizing for misusing state funds that could be used to help the citizens of his state is enough. Because he is so special that there's nothing else he has to do. He is a member of "The Family" after all, and

If the voters of South Carolina are stupid enough to buy into this crap, then they deserve to live in a state with a 50% public high school graduation rate and where only 35% of the population has ever graduated high school, where nearly one in six people lives in poverty, where the teen pregnancy rate is increasing and they think the answer is MORE "abstinence education". The problem is that they are raising their children in these conditions, and that they want to perpetrate their fascist ChristoCryptoFascist governor on the rest of us.


UPDATE: Oh, and by the say, 670 people a week lose their health insurance in South Carolina while Mark Sanford was flying business class to dip his wick in Argentina. As I said -- they vote for him, they deserve him.

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Anonymous jb said...
If Christians believe will be forgiven of their sins just by asking for forgiveness, it seems to me many of 'em use that belief as a preemptive blank check to do whatever they want. They may not consciously say, "I'll sleep with this guy's wife and then ask God to forgive me," but they could do it unconsciously, right?

I don't mind what Christofascists believe half as much as I mind their hypocrisy.

Anonymous greennotGreen said...
The problem with "They vote for him; they deserve him," is that's how most small, backward countries remain backward, and how the dictators of those countries remain in power. Keep the people ignorant, use fear of the other or the opiate of religion (as distinct from true spirituality or belief)to win enough votes come election time that you can steal whatever you need to for victory. Writ large, it's what George W Bush did to get into power in the first place (mostly ignorance and opiate use among the populace then. For his second term, he used the trifecta.) The voters of South Carolina may deserve what they get; do their children?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Secession, hell, lets throw the whole damn state out of the union. They have never produced one decent human to serve in the federal government, they have never paid anything near as much in federal taxes as the money that they've gotten. Screw 'em, let Sanford run it as a dictator. Hell, he's even got his own Evita.

Note for greennotGreen, we'll let the sane ones apply for immigration to the US after we kick them out. If they can fill out those forms, they are smart enough to become americans, if they screw up we deport them to SOUTH FUCKING CAROLINA.

Anonymous greennotGreen said...
Anonymous said:
They have never produced one decent human to serve in the federal government...

Perhaps no good federal employees, but Stephen Colbert is from South Carolina!