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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh, fer cryin' out loud: American Idiots edition
Posted by Jill | 4:40 AM
It's one thing to have legitimate disagreements about what health care in America should look like. It's quite another to just pull Scary Stuff out of your ass:

They're going to come to your house and ask you how you want to die? Obama wants too kill old people? What the hell kind of people live in this country? Don't people have ANY gray matter in their crania at all? Do they really just absorb what Rush Limbaugh tells them and not process it at all?

If these people want to be afraid of something, they should be afraid of how the Blue Dogs in Congress are working with the Republicans to pass something that everyone will hate so that the next President of the United States can be named "Sarah Palin." They should take a look at how the Blue Dogs, Rahm Emanuel's bitches every last one of them (and it's starting to look like Obama is too), are even more in the pocket of the insurance companies than the Republicans.

But of course we live in a nation of morons, and even older people, those of the WWII and Korean War generations who REMEMBER when Medicare was signed into law, who don't seem to know that Medicare is a government program. I'll bet they still believe there are welfare queens driving Cadillacs, too. And oh yeah, didja hear that Obama is a Kenyan?

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Anonymous Charlie O said...
I heard an interview with a guy in Bristol, VA on NPR this morning. He was complaining how this healthcare reform was going to benefit all the "blacks and minorities" and leave all the white people hanging. Where are they coming up with the shit?

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Oops. Didn't know that you'd already posted this Maddow video video, Jill.

Can you believe this Soylent Green faction of the GOP?