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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are the "birthers" simply trying to turn their apocalyptic vision for America into reality?
Posted by Jill | 5:16 AM
Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action makes a compelling case that the whole "birther" nonsense is an attempt to fulfill the Christofascist Zombie Brigade's need for someone they can brand as the Antichrist in order to create their sick apocalyptic vision:
Although there are secularized versions of New World Order conspiracy narrative, the conspiracy theory genre is at base a religious one. These YouTube NWO videos tend to associate Barack Obama with the forces of absolute evil, suggesting Obama is either an antichrist or "false prophet" figure or, probably more commonly, that Obama is a key player in a conspiracy to create a world totalitarian system which, in religious versions of the NWO conspiracy narrative, will be led by a murderous antichrist figure soon to dominate the world political stage.

NWO conspiracy theories typically are interwoven with Christian apocalyptic End-Time narratives predicting the immanent arrival, on the world stage, of a satanic world ruler who will come to power promising peace but instead implement a savage and bloody reign of tyranny.

Then, either a) Christians will be "raptured" up to heaven after which Jesus Christ will return to Earth to overthrow the evil regime or, in an increasingly common version of the narrative, b) Christians themselves will take up arms, overthrow the evil world regime, cleanse the world of all evil including ideological foes, and implement a thousand-year utopian Biblical theocracy. The latter doctrine is promoted by Sarah Palin's key Alaska church, the Wasilla Assembly of God.

More here...

This is why we dismiss the former governor of Alaska at our peril. She does a good job of hiding her militia/Jeebofascist leanings, but when you put together her looneytunes church, her love of guns, and her affiliation with the Alaska Independent Party, and throw in a soupçon of Republican Male Lust, and mix it with Americans' economic fatigue, anything can happen.

And there are at least seventeen of these adherents to the "birther" narrative in Congress even as we speak.

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Blogger jurassicpork said...
Sorry for the offtopic post but I need help and I couldn't wait for an open thread to open up. I need help desperately.

Anonymous mandt said...
"and implement a thousand-year utopian Biblical theocracy." What was good enough for the Nazis is good enough for Ms. Moose Hitler.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The church Sarah Palin attended for most of her life is far more radical than most people realize. Consider...