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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Everything you need to know about Republican hypocrisy about government is right here
Posted by Jill | 12:55 AM
I don't know why I've never really noticed this before, but isn't it interesting how a bunch of Republican politicians who have made their careers taking a government paycheck, in a job that has a guaranteed defined-benefit pension, and taxpayer-paid health care, want to keep everyone else from having the sweet deal they get? If they love the private sector so much, why aren't they working there?


So this man who makes six figures and is covered for every hangnail until he dies is telling this woman that she needs to find a large employer who will hire a 62 year woman and then keep working (on her feet -- that's what retail usually is) for much longer than she hoped to. Sure, that's doable. It's just a matter of finding the right job after all, and who can't do that? After all the two of them are in the same boat --- the coiffed congressman who would like to retire at 62 but lost a bunch of his portfolio in the crash and this 62 year old shop clerk who's been working at menial, backbreaking labor her whole life. Hey, he found a job with a large employer who covers him (the federal government) why shouldn't she? He just can't figure out why she can't find a plan to cover her like he has.

The truth is that taxpayers can guarantee his health care and pension because he's so special, no, so superior to people like this caller. The government can 't afford to provide health insurance for losers. Only winners like Congressman Davis.


Conservative politicians and their wingnut welfare queens are just a bunch of heartless, rich jackasses, basically, always have been. But people are no longer quite so sanguine that they're going to get the chance to be rich, spoiled jackasses too so these lines don't read quite as hilarious or as "common sense" as they used to. A public servant telling some 62 year old retail clerk that she needs to stop bellyaching and find a job with a big employer so she can get health care is so "let them eat cake" that I can hardly believe he said it. And some overpaid creep calling senior citizens who are living on a thousand dollars a month "spoiled" is just asking for the guillotine, which in America is a metaphor for a tax rate of 90% on any fatuous wingnut gasbag who has the nerve to say something like this after what they've done to this country.


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Anonymous newbroom said...
word. indeed! I thrill to the resonance of your posts, Mrs Brilliant. Please never stop. I love your mind.

Blogger PurpleGirl said...
It's worse than that... I believe Davis is a former congresscritter. So he's already getting his pension and stuff. I wish I could toss off my balcony... I'm on the 17th floor. He is disgusting.

Anonymous Charlie O said...
I just changed jobs. Went from a small software company to very large defense company. I had the ability to choose from 7 different health plans. I choose one that's called an EPO, kind of like an HMO, in-network benefits only. I call them to find out if the lab at my doctor's office is "in network." I spoke with 4 different people and was unable to get a definitive answer. This is crap. It shouldn't be this difficult to go see my fricking doctor. Those on the right shrieking about "lack of choice" or having bureaucrats making health care decisions are full of crap. It's already here. My choices are limited by the insurance company (who I can see, where I can ancillary services, even what drugs I can be prescribed). It's all crap. Let's scrap the whole insurance paradigm completely. GET RID OF THE WHOLE PAYER SYSTEM. Get rid of employer based health care. Create a public health service based on a military model. We already have the beginning structure. Create a medical service academy like Annapolis and West Point. Build government (OOOOOO, big bugaboo, government run) hospitals and clinics. Open to anyone. No bills, no insurance checks, no paperwork. You get treatment, you go home. It works. We already have it for some people. I grew up with government run health care. I got GREAT health care. My family never paid a bill or had a health insurance policy. It's called the United States Navy Medical Corp. Great doctors, great facilities. We can create this same system for the entire country. It can be paid for by the monies were giving the insurance companies now. Everybody has health care and we're a better country for it.