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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And this guy is supposed to be a presidential contender?
Posted by Jill | 3:12 PM
I read at HuffPo the other day that South Carolina Governor and supposed 2012 GOP hopeful Mark Sanford was missing, and that no one seemed concerned. Supposedly he went hiking on Father's Day, which is weird enough, but no one had seen or heard from him.

It's hard to tell one freak show from another these days, with the publicity hogs from Pennsylvania who actually think people give a shit about the very public end of their marriage and the gravy train that pimping out their kids has put them on -- and now this. There's the obvious family values joke about a good Christian Southern Republican who skips out on his family on Father's Day, but as Blue Girl notes, something smells very fishy about this:
Today is day five since South Carolina Governor Marc Sanford went missing, and I have a bad feeling about how this is all going to turn out, so until he is located and known to be safe, I will be refraining from snark and mockery.  

Too much of this story simply doesn't add up.

First he leaves the mansion alone in a state-owned SUV without his security detail, presumably telling his wife he needed to "get away from the kids" so he could "write something"  and that at least sounds  somewhat plausible - he had an editorial that appeared on Father's Day in one of the state's major  newspapers, bemoaning  the ten vetoes the state legislature overrode the last day of the session, and decrying the need to reform the legislature because it effectively checked his wingnuttery.   Except anyone who has ever contributed anything to a newspapers editorial page knows that the op-ed page is laid out days in advance.  In my experience, an op-ed column for Sunday has always had a Wednesday deadline.  I have never contributed so much as an LTE to the paper that ran his op-ed, but I can't imagine that the deadlines are that much different at the Post and Courier than they are in every other dead-tree paper in the country.  

After the story broke on Monday, the Lt. Governor called the Governor's office and demanded to be allowed to speak to him.  Of course that wasn't possible, because no one knows where he is or what he is doing and he has turned off his cell phones.

I'm betting on it being something having to do with a closet, perhaps one with a door somewhat ajar. What do YOU think is going on?

UPDATE: Yesterday MSNBC's First Read was reporting that Sanford will report to work today. But if Sanford thinks this is going away just because he shows up for work, guess again. Because later on, that same source noted that Sunday, the day Sanford was supposedly hiking the Appalachian Trail, was "Naked Hiking Day." Now, I don't care if Sanford wants to participate in Naked Hiking Day, though ditching your family on Father's Day to hike naked seems a bit, well, unusual for a family-values Republican. But even that explanation isn't putting the story to bed:
WYFF News 4 has received exclusive information from sources who say they have information about Gov. Mark Sanford's whereabouts during a mysterious absence over the past several days.

Sanford's wife Jenny said she last talked to him on Thursday, and though she didn't know where he is, she said she wasn't concerned. She said he had left to have time to write.

Joel Sawyer, communications director for the governor's office, then said the governor had been on the Appalachian Trail. Sawyer said staffers heard from Sanford on Tuesday morning and the governor plans to return Wednesday.

Sawyer said the governor is surprised by all the attention.

On Tuesday, sources told News 4's Nigel Robertson that a state vehicle is missing and was tracked down, not to the Appalachian Trail, but to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta.

Sources told Robertson that a federal agent spotted Sanford in the airport boarding a plane. Robertson was told that the governor was not accompanied by security detail.

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Blogger Unknown said...
How can I get my governor to disappear?

Blogger Nan said...
He's back. He said he went to Argentina. Ha. Weekend jaunt to Thailand is probably more like it.