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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey, Rick Perry -- if you secede, you don't get to ask the Feds for flu help
Posted by Jill | 10:14 AM
This little gem of teabagger hypocrisy comes to us via Hoffmania:
In Texas, Byron Steele High School was closed and all its extracurricular activities were canceled “to reduce the risk to students, staff and the community,” said Dr. Sandra Guerra, a regional director for the state health department. She urged students not to hang out together anyway as “that would defeat the purpose.”

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas asked the C.D.C. to send 37,430 doses of Tamiflu.

According to one expert involved in telephone discussions about flu preparedness on Saturday, there was debate among officials about whether to move some of the stockpile closer to Texas and California. Presumably, that will be made moot by indications that a mild form of the flu may have already spread elsewhere in the nation.

I hate to tell the Head Texas Teabag Cheerleader this, but Federal supplies for Tamiflu are bought with TAX DOLLARS (especially dollars from states like New Jersey, which subsidizes states like Texas every fucking day).

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Blogger Unknown said...
Doesn't 37,000 seem like kind of a tiny number for a state like Texas?

Blogger Comrade Misfit said...
I think that the CDC should just send boxes of tea to Texas.

Blogger merlallen said...
damned oppressive government