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Monday, April 06, 2009

The best health care system in the world?
Posted by Jill | 6:36 AM
Isn't it time to start calling Republicans on the carpet when they make the claim that our health care system is the best in the world and we don't need reform?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
What a horrific situation...I just cannot imagine being without healthcare.
I'm Canadian, lived in Canada my whole life, 57 years worth.
The only times I've had to pay anything for my medical care were for doctor's notes, once for a records transfer between doctors...and I think that's it.
In my life I've been in hospital for: tonsils removal, gall bladder removal; one-day procedures such as colonoscopy, cyst removal, lymph-node removal & varying times to emergency. Money was never even mentioned, nevermind being asked for...that's our system.
The lymph-node turned out to be cancerous (lymphoma) & within the span of three months, I'd gone through consultations, blood & bone-marrow testing, and radiation treatment...with the wonderful result of being 'clear'. In only three months!
I feel so badly for the people whose stories we hear about in the U.S., when they could be easily treated & get on with their lives, if only they had access to healthcare.
Americans may hear stories about long waits & whatever in our Canadian system...well, no system is perfect & one can always find problems if one goes looking, but for myself & many, many people I know, this system has proven itself over & over, along with having amazing caregivers, doctors, equipment & procedures.
I will never understand the fear that so many Americans have about 'Universal Healthcare'...never.