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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: Special I Don't Have Time To Breathe Let Alone Write Edition
Posted by Jill | 5:08 AM
Still spending every waking hour trying to stuff as much medical terminology as will fit into my nearly full, highly fragmented, grinding and aging brain. In trying to decide what to write about -- the Obama Administration's alarming signals that it is planning to continue to hide much of the Bush Administration's record, whether the dismissal of charges against Ted Stevens acquittal and smackdown of the Muksasey Justice Department is going to play as an indictment of the current one, the groundswell of legislative victories for gay marriage in the U.S. just as gays in Iraq are encountering more violence, the gleeful reception President Obama received in Iraq, or the reaction to the Gates Pentagon budget -- I'm finding myself being nothing but delirious. So if you'll bear with me for what I hope will be just a little longer, because if it doesn't let up soon my brain just might explode, here's what my compatriots are thinking these days. Because I'm still struggling with what the difference is between hematology and blood chemistry and getting ready for a four-hour meeting this morning.

Who better to link to than Glenn Greenwald on the ICRC report. What I want to know is this: What kind of deal did Barack Obama make with George W. Bush that he's continuing to shield Bush Administration officials, including quite possible the former President himself, in order to get Bush to actually turn over power? I never expected Obama to be any kind of progressive dream President, but I didn't expect him to immunize the previous administration from accountability either.

Earth-Bound Misfit may very well be done with Obama over this.

Hilzoy smacks down Christofascist Zombie Rod Dreher.

Blue Girl is appalled that American medical workers participated in torture practices.

Skippy on how the actual journalists at the Washington Post are smacking down global warming denier and colleague George Will. I hope Will is perfectly OK with corn-syrup-with-artificial-chemical-maple-flavoring on his pancakes, because as Cookie Jill points out, the real thing is going to disappear.

If you haven't checked out the women of No Longer Quivering yet, grab a nice big mug of coffee and plan to spend the morning there.

Ben Smith gets an e-mail account of the President's appearance in Baghdad from one of those Air Force officers whom the wingnuts had earlier insisted would never support a guy who didn't feel entitled to dress up in a flight suit decades after spending the National Guard service for which he didn't bother to show up snorting blow off the behinds of hookers. Money quote:
President Obama was very well-received by the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines in attendance.

And you thought we'd forgotten Harriet Christian.

It is mandatory to link to any post that contains anything resembling a Warner Bros. cartoon retrospective (even if Carrie does criminally omit the immortal Duck Wabbit Duck.

David Neiwert, to whom I will link regularly for as long as wingnut media figures keep calling for armed violence, points out that standing up to the bullies of the right and calling them on their incitement does not constitute an attempt to silence them. They're free to continue this for as long as they want, and we will continue to tie them to nutcases who take their words seriously.

Brad Friedman has the latest from the Republican Sore Loserman in Minnesota's attempts to overturn an election because he didn't win. In other Coleman news, Minnesota Governor and 2012 hopeful Tim Pawlenty, in an early signal that he intends to appeal any presidential contest that HE doesn't win, made clear on Hardball last night that he has no intention to certify the election until Norm Coleman pursues however many frivolous lawsuits he intends to do. David Shuster rightly points out that this isn't going to help Tim Pawlenty's attempts to be seen as a pragmatist:

Have a good day. And please think of me at around 11 AM, because I'll only be halfway through my meeting.


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Blogger merlallen said...
when did al franken get old?

Blogger Comrade Misfit said...
Thnaks for the link!

Blogger DBK said...
"whether the Ted Stevens acquittal"

Stevens was acquitted? I heard the case was dismissed because of prosecutorial misconduct, not that Stevens was acquitted or otherwise vindicated. You must have a different news source than I, though it seems the pundidiots, the Village, and the privileged Senate are playing it as an acquittal.