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Friday, April 03, 2009

And this is the NICE wingnut
Posted by Jill | 6:08 AM
Brad Friedman uncovered this video of Mike Huckabee joking about vote suppression:

Yup, that's the ticket -- tell a bunch of southern Republicans to resort to intimidation and thuggery to prevent those who might vote against his chosen candidate from getting to the polls.

Brad puts Huckabee's "joke" in context:

...we'll spare you the photographs of the who-knows-how-many African-Americans who not only were kept from voting in this nation by others just "doing the right thing" and "the lord's work," but who were strung up in trees by their necks in order to keep them from voting and to send the hilarious message to others that they'd best not be let out of their "driveways" come Election Day. We'd go on, but it's all just so funny, we can't even keep typing.

No matter how hard they try to seem otherwise, at some point Republicans always show their true colors.

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Blogger Unknown said...
I hate that guy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jocularity at its meanest.

Blogger Mr. Natural said...
As horrible as it seems, it is only another sign of our rotten system. Rotten from top to bottom. Left to right. Totally corrupt and ruined. Even our new President has hired the crooks to straighten out the fraud on Wall Street.