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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Let's not allow them to create their own reality
Posted by Jill | 7:25 PM
Are you getting as tired of "George Bush has kept us safe since 9/11" as I am? Why should the guy who told CIA agents who brought him a Presidential Daily Briefing on August 6, 2001, that they've covered their asses now -- and then didn't bother to look at the briefing, get a free pass for the attack that DID take place on his watch? Why should he get a free pass for sitting like a trapped rat in a third-grade classroom while Americans jumped 102 stories to their deaths rather than be burned alive?

Peggy Noonan may be making a show these days of being in lurve with Barack Obama, but her heart still belongs to the Codpiece. It's becoming clear that "Bush has kept us safe" is the first salvo in the Bush Legacy Project -- the attempt to repeat enough lies that Americans, who have the attention span of a gnat, forget what a complete and utter clusterfuck the Reign of George the Younger has been.

As Bob Cesca notes, there are many ways to attack America and our freedom:

Now, of course she's right. "It" hasn't happened again. Fact: no additional hijacked airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center towers since September 11. Why? Because those buildings were already attacked and destroyed, killing thousands of Americans after President Bush and his staff repeatedly ignored warnings from a variety of counter-terrorism and national security experts.

Noonan continued:

We have not been attacked since 9/11. Someone -- someones -- did something right.


This is all part of a huge lie, and the lie is rapidly becoming reality thanks to various Bush apologists and dead-enders.

Perhaps it's been reignited in conjunction with the Bush "legacy project" -- an effort organized by Karl Rove to somehow fabricate a positive legacy for this awful president. If there remains any justice in this nation, let history show that the only thing this administration was actually good at was fabricating its own version of reality. They've failed at everything else and then made up stuff to obfuscate those failures. So here. I'll be magnanimous and make Rove's gig really easy by offering a suggestion: the "legacy project" is the Bush legacy. In other words, it's very likely that President Bush will be remembered for things like, you know, the "legacy project."

Nevertheless, yes, Ms. Noonan, we have been attacked on American soil since September 11 despite the Bush administration's invasions, its torturing, its illegal wiretapping and its crimes against the Constitution.

The anthrax attacks and the DC Snipers to name two. But since we don't yet know the identity of the anthrax attacker(s) -- they haven't, after all, been captured and brought to justice by the mighty Bush administration -- let's focus exclusively on terrorists John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo. More Americans were, in fact, killed by the DC Snipers (16 killed) than were killed in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (6 killed). Additionally, there were nearly as many people killed by the DC Snipers as were killed in the al-Qaeda bombing of the USS Cole (17 killed).

Are the DC Sniper shootings somehow less dazzling and, therefore, do they not count as actual terrorist attacks on American soil? If that's the case then there were, in fact, zero attacks during the Clinton administration. Wow, President Clinton was really excellent at keeping us safe. So much for Democrats being weak on national security, eh?

While it's tempting to join David Corn in bemoaning the fact that Barack Obama isn't assembling some kind of progressive blogosphere dream team, is that really the best use of our time, when every time Peggy Noonan opens her mouth, Joe Scarborough puts her on TV, and then Fox parrots her, and then it gets Out There -- and the rehabilitation of the Bush Legacy begins -- just in time for Jebbie to run for the Senate in Florida. It's clear that the efforts to rewrite the history of the Bush era are going to be as slickly done as the efforts that led us into a war based on lies. The Republican party has quite simply wrecked the country. There is nothing that used to be great in America that isn't a smoking ruin after they've run things largely unchallenged for the last eight years. They deserve to wander in the wilderness not just for a long time, but forever, for what they've done. I think we are far better served by making sure they stay there than by doing the Republicans' dirty work by writing off this presidency before Barack Obama is even sworn in.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can prove that the wad of dog fur under the couch, bird poop on my roof and the dog poop kept Michigan safe from terrorists. Michigan was not attacked. lol

In addition to that the bird poop kept my roof from caving in. The dog poop in the back yard kept trespassers away. The dog fur under the couch kept me safe from break ins. I know it worked because none of these things happened to me. lol

Blogger Libby Spencer said...
Thank you for this post. I've been feeling kind of alone in Leftopia because I also think it's kind of counterproductive to be spending so much time criticizing Obama before he's even sworn in and -- you know -- actually does something and not enough on keeping track of the final days of destruction in the White House. Not to mention, we have plenty of sitting Democrats inside the Beltway who are in a position to get something done and are still not doing it.