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Sunday, November 02, 2008

This song is dedicated to Sarah Palin and her minions
Posted by Jill | 4:17 PM
Sean Altman and JEWMONGOUS, at the White Eagle Tavern in Portland, Oregon, sing "Christian Baby Blood":

I found this while looking for Altman's song "What The Hell Is Simchas Torah (Nobody Seems To Know)" after hearing the latter on Steve Post's No Show yesterday afternoon. It's been a long time since we've had a really good snarky Jewish parody singer. Sure, Adam Sandler did a nice job with "The Hanukkah Song", but that's already pretty old.


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Blogger Batocchio said...
Pretty funny! Some clever lyrics.

I only fear Mel Gibson getting drunk and singing this in earnest.

Blogger Fran said...
That is SO hilarious. And then I checked out some of their other songs - They Tried To Kill Us and We Survived - Let's Eat! And that Simchas Torah song???!! (oh my inner Jew is alive and well at all times, woven deeply into my own Catholisha mishagas)

And Steve Post's No Show. I felt a pang there... My life in Albany is so good in so many ways and frankly, overall WAMC (our NPR) is better overall than WNYC.

But I do miss my Saturdays when I would be in and out, in the car, in the house - listening first to Jonathan Schwartz, followed by Steve. Deep sigh.

Thanks Jill!

Blogger Phil said...
The White Eagle!!

I have been in there several times.
It has an awesome antique wood carved bar with an immense mirror in it.The bar is over twenty feet long.
It is only a few blocks from the Willamette river and there is a tunnel going form the tavern to the river they used to use to Shanghai drunks and put them on ships and take off to sea with.

I do believe it is on the list of Historical buildings now.

They have some great blues bands in there.

A great place if ya ever get to Portland Oregon.