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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Inflammatory lead-in much?
Posted by Jill | 4:59 AM
Actual snag from Yahoo! News:

The article is not about Barack Obama, it's about a hearing in which a Wichita doctor providing health care services to women is claiming that the state's former attorney general had planned to prosecute him even before taking office:
Attorneys for an abortion provider facing criminal charges questioned the former attorney general Monday, trying to show that the abortion opponent who started the investigation had intended to prosecute Dr. George Tiller even before taking office.

Tiller attorney Dan Monnat asked former Attorney General Phill Kline whether, during his campaign, he assumed that Tiller, one of the few U.S. physicians performing late-term abortions, was breaking the law.

"I had reason to believe that he was," Kline said. "My belief was that the law was not being enforced."

Kline took the stand Monday at a hearing where Tiller's attorneys are urging a judge to dismiss the charges against their client or suppress evidence linked to Kline.

Tiller is to go to trial in March on 19 misdemeanors. He's accused of failing to obtain a second opinion from an independent physician for some late-term abortions.

Monnat questioned Kline about his opposition to abortion, and Kline acknowledged that he personally would like to see all abortions banned.

"You wanted to do something about it," Monnat said.

Kline replied: "I wanted to enforce the law."

Monnat also questioned Kline about hiring anti-abortion activist Bryan Brown as his consumer protection chief in the attorney general's office.

During his unsuccessful 2006 bid for re-election, Kline had asserted that Brown, who has been arrested a dozen times during abortion protests, was not involved in the Tiller prosecution. However, defense attorneys produced a 2003 memo Brown wrote with the subject line, "abortion clinic overview."

Kline conceded that Brown helped with the facts of the case but insisted Brown did not consult on matters of law.

The defense also pointed to a 2004 memo advising Kline that Brown and his contacts were obtaining the names of employees at two clinics. Kline defended the use of Brown and other anti-abortion activists, saying it's "normal law enforcement procedure" to use witnesses in investigations.

Tiller's attorneys have accused Kline of "outrageous" conduct, including intentionally misleading judges and state agencies, and argue that his actions poisoned the entire case. Kline says Tiller is simply trying to avoid prosecution.

So why does a photograph of Barack Obama accompany the article? Especially when even the caption on the photo's page mentions nothing about the George Tiller case, but instead talks about repealing the global gag rule:
Among a slew of executive orders Barack Obama, pictured in October 2008, is said to be drafting, observers believe one may lift a ban on US funding for overseas family planning groups that even dare mention abortion.

A little more red meat thrown at the wingnuts who are just looking for yet another excuse to go after the new President-elect? First Newsweek calls him the Antichrist, and now this? Has the entire journalism profession decided to join Sarah Palin in calling for Barack Obama's extermination?

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