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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The heck with "Joe the Plumber." Meet "Joe the Entrepreneur"
Posted by Jill | 6:34 AM
Proving once again that George Carlin was right: If you nail together two things that were never nailed together before, some schmuck will buy it from you:
Thinking of ways to profit from disaster is keeping America great! The latest ingenious product hitting the market this week is the Wall Street Coffin.

For $35, you can order a wood coffin filled with actual shredded money and a plaque of your choice, including "R.I.P. Lehman Bros., 1885-2008", and "R.I.P. Bear Stearns, 1923-2008." For an extra $5, you can customize the plaque. Maybe "R.I.P. Jane's 401k", or "R.I.P. Jane's GE Stock Options with a $28 Strike Price."

The coffins are made by Jist Enterprises in Westfield, New Jersey. The owner, who describes himself as "a regular working stiff" says on the web site: "As a citizen of the United States, I’m disgusted! I’m disgusted that our financial institutions have failed us so dramatically and that our government has allowed this crisis to evolve...What can I do? I can sell this little Wall Street Coffin and donate 15% of the proceeds to some good charities that help people through difficult times."

And that, folks, is the difference between Republican kool-aid drinkers and human beings. I'm quite certain that the makers of Hillary nutcrackers and Obama monkey dolls aren't donating a damn nickel to charity.



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