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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Heckuva job, Palie!
Posted by Jill | 8:41 AM
With the help of John McCain, Sarah Palin will do for the country what she did for Wasilla, Alaska:

Today, under Sarah Palin's leadership, Wasilla has become the picture of exurban sprawl: an explosion in the housing stock, tons of new highway expansion, tons of new big box stores and fast food franchises, and absolutely 0 sustainability. Combined with a lack of zoning, and a predilection for building open-pit gravel mines all over the place, and Wasilla could be the poster-town for bad municipal leadership.


When I graduated from Wasilla High School, Sarah Palin's alma mater, there were 1200 students, some fantastic teachers, and a strong Advanced Placement program. When Sarah Palin graduated, I doubt there were less than half that many students. Unfortunately, the last several years' budget cuts have hit WHS rather hard, and it's been shedding good teachers and AP classes, with no end in sight. Last I heard, the coordinated advanced learning program had been disbanded, for lack of funds. Wasilla High School used to turn out some amazing students, many of whom were friends of mine who went onto MIT, Harvard, Colgate, Tufts, and many other top universities. Now, WHS is a school in decline, even amidst an explosion in the local housing stock, and record state revenues from oil extraction. This decline began under Mayor Palin's watch as mayor, and is coming to its inevitable conclusion under her watch as governor.

And let's not forget her record of "fiscal responsibility":
In fiscal 2003—the last fiscal year Palin approved the budget—the total government expenditures of Wasilla, excluding capital outlays, were $7,046,325. In fiscal 1996—the year before Palin took control of the budget—the expenditures were $4,317,947. The increase was 63 percent. [Wasilla Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2003, Table 1]

Sarah Palin: Just Another Irresponsible Republican.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
What scares me the most though, is when I point out these things to coworkers, they just go on about how high her approval rating is in Alaska!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
But you see, the Alaskans don't care about those things.
They have NO INCOME TAX -- and few of any other kind -- and they GET BACK FROM THE STATE about $1200 this year.

So for them life is good! As long as nobody tries to mess with their moose permits.

Just as a disclaimer:: The last time I was in Wasilla [2005 -- on business], it reminded me all too much of the Denver suburbs or any other [too fast] growing Western city. Far too big for its britches and growing fast.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's the battle of the sound bite. The casual voter won't be bothered by facts and long explanations. They'll make a snap judgment based on soundbites and reinforced themes and impressions (maverick, reformer, Washington outsider, tax & spend, big government) and that's how they'll decide to vote.