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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She's here, she's queer, get used to it, Joe.
Posted by Jill | 7:15 AM
Joe Scarborough is already pissing and moaning about the promotion of Rachel Maddow. Oh, he's not using her name, but earlier this morning he was griping that he got only around fifteen seconds of face time during last night's convention coverage, and claimed it was because he ticked off "a certain person."

It's no secret who that "certain person" is, and why he's holding a grudge:

Grow the hell up, Joe. You were pwn3d, and you know it. You were pwn3d by someone you hate, and you hate her not just because she's gay, out and proud; and not just because she's smarter on her worst day than you on your best; and not just because she made you look like a fool on national television and got your goat. You hate her because she got your old timeslot, and because that liberal blowhard Keith Olbermann has the power at MSNBC, not you. And you hate her because you know that your party's ideology is one epic fail, you hitched your wagon to that fail, and now you look like a fool because Rachel Maddow is smarter than most people and effortlessly can rattle off all the ways your so-called "maverick" has proven to be a craven panderer whose lust for the presidency crawls like poison ivy over every fiber of his being.

Even Tweety has resigned himself to the inevitable, and while he'll never be president of the Rachel Maddow Awesomeness Appreciation Society (because I am), even he (along with everyone else on the MSNBC team) at least recognizes her gift with words after she came up with "post-rational" (which I hope becomes the new "truthiness") to describe the PUMA crazies.

So stamp your widdle feet, Joe, and let Mika and Willie and Mike Barnicle kiss your behind on the air for four hours every morning, and bemoan the fact that the mean old feminist lesbian is keeping you off prime time. And keep thinking that this somehow makes you a big man. I'm going to go make another batch of popcorn and watch over the next two weeks as Rachel mops the floor with you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah, that was sweet. I'm looking forward to more of the same once Rachel's show is on.

Blogger Myrtle June said...
I loved that one when it happened and I LOVE it even more now that she's got her show! And, I double love that Joe is on his way out. :D