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Friday, August 01, 2008

OK, then, did HE choose the targets -- or did someone else?
Posted by Jill | 6:02 AM
Pardon me if my Spidey-sense starts tingling just a little bit with this news:

A top U.S. biodefense researcher apparently committed suicide just as the Justice Department was about to file criminal charges against him in the anthrax mailings that traumatized the nation in the weeks following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to a published report.

The scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, 62, who worked for the past 18 years at the government's biodefense labs at Fort Detrick, Md., had been told about the impending prosecution, the Los Angeles Times reported for Friday editions. The laboratory has been at the center of the FBI's investigation of the anthrax attacks, which killed five people.

Ivins died Tuesday at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Maryland. The Times, quoting an unidentified colleague, said the scientist had taken a massive dose of a prescription Tylenol mixed with codeine.

OK, let me first ask this; How did he get a massive dose of prescription Tylenol with codeine? Anyone who's ever been prescribed codeine in any form knows that you only get the bare minimum that you need.

OK, I'll buy that the government's claim after settling with Steven Hatfull that they were "making significant progress" means they were closing in on this guy. I'll even buy that a scientist would commit suicide before going to prison for sending anthrax-laced letters to Americans. But what gets the Spidey-sense going is this: Why these targets?

A quick Google search reveals almost nothing on Bruce E. Ivins other than articles about his suicide and some research papers on post-exposure vaccination. No ties to wingnut groups, nothing suspicious -- except that nagging problem of the nature of the targets of the attacks. Not a conservative in the bunch, and all of them people or buildings associated with people vexing to George W. Bush. I'm not going to put the tinfoil on just yet, but there is a very slight odor coming from this news.

UPDATE: Richard Blair isn't afraid to don his tinfoil chapeau, and makes a compelling case that something about all this doth stinketh to high heaven.

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Blogger Unknown said...
Intersting, one of the victims worked at MEETH(Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital) which had been purchased a few months prior by Lenox Hill hospital. I worked at LHH at the time and it was huge news and scandal. Kathy Nguyen worked in the mailroom at MEETH.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Massive amounts" of Tylenol with codeine - anyone with chronic back trouble or other kinds of chronic pain could easily get refillable prescriptions for it. Not me, of course, since I depend on my local Community Clinic for care, and although they are wonderful, they pretty much assume that, absent bones poking through or blood pouring out, a request for narcotics is just drug-seeking behavior, and you'll get a recommendation for OTC ibuprofen.

But many docs are well aware that sometimes codeine, Vicodin, and similar drugs are the exact right medicine for a particular situation. They actually trust their patients.

Kinda OT, I know, but I'm just saying that having 50 or 100 Tylenol w/Codeine around is not especially suspicious.


Blogger Bob said...
Leaves only questions, no answers, just the way the Feds want it.