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Monday, August 25, 2008

OK, I'll bite: Why should I pay for John McCain's melanoma treatment? Or his Viagra, for that matter.
Posted by Jill | 7:32 AM
From the August 23 edition of Fox News' Cavuto on Business (via Media Matters):

CAVUTO: Now, Jonathan, you're not calming down, right?

HOENIG: Neil, I'm not. In fact, both Joe Biden and Barack Obama have made it very clear that they support socialized health care. In fact, they think that health care is a right. And I think it shows a real ignorance as to what a right actually is. I mean, a right is right to action; it's not to a freebie from someone else. And I know it sounds kind of curt in this age of political correctness and altruism, but why should I be responsible for paying for Joe Biden's brain aneurysms?

MARC LAMONT HILL (Fox News contributor): Ouch.

CAVUTO: All righty. I'll leave that alone.

The only way that either Biden OR Obama has supported "socialized health care" is if you believe that socialized health care consists of anything other than "I got my health care and f--- you."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Because the taxpayers have been picking up McCain's expenses for most of his life... as a military brat his healthcare came through his father, at Anapolis and then on active duty the Navy picked up the cost and now being a senator means the healthcare is picked up by the government. Haven't seen him return the money or say "I'll pay my own way." (One thing about Bloomberg, he takes only a dollar in salary as mayor.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Exactly what Purple Girl said.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, since all insurance is "spreading risk/expenses across a large pool", he is inadvertantly saying we should do away with health insurance altogether. After all, why should I pay for Hoenig's prostate exam?

Oh how I love using these guys' logic against them.

Blogger Unknown said...
Where is the liveblog of the DNC?!? O, Calamity! Am I to regard this burlesque pageant alone?!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Socialized health care? If only...