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Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Mitt has too many houses! Quick -- get us a black guy!"
Posted by Jill | 9:24 AM
You have to believe that something akin to that is being bandied about at Camp Grandpa Simpson after Joe Biden announced yesterday that "Housegaffe" is not going to be allowed to slink quietly into the shadows.

Mitt Romney seems to be the Bush Junta's choice for the #2 spot, but with bloggers already preparing bumperstickers saying "Obama/Biden: One ticket, two candidates, two homes, two spouses", I'm not sure that the fact that Romney is still with his first wife offsets the fact that he, like McCain, has access to more money than most Americans will see in their lifetime -- especially after eight years of the Bush/Cheney/McCain scalpel taken to the middle class.

Now, according to Politico, the powers that be at Casa la Grandpa, think the one viable Republican black man is the answer to their prayers.

Sorry, but when push came to shove, even if you believe that Colin Powell was misled by his bosses, he chose to ignore his own misgivings and to believe -- to be a good soldier and deliver outright lies to the U.N. -- lies he knew were lies -- rather than doing the right thing.

Over 4000 families are missing sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and parents -- because Colin Powell lacked the courage to ask questions. Perhaps John McCain will get a free pass because he was a POW 40 years ago. Colin Powell's buyer's remorse doesn't give him a free pass for squandering his gravitas and credibility to help the likes of George W. Bush lie us into an unnecessary war. The Vice Presidency should not be the reward for aiding and abetting crimes against the American people.

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Blogger Distributorcap said...
i am so glad something finally has legs -- like this housing crisis of mccain.

powell wont take the job, and the goopers wont let him pick a woman - never -- it is gonna be a white corporatist prolife lunatic.

problem is the media will just eat it up, since they just cant get enough of mccain

Blogger D. said...
Totally from left field: Alan Keyes.

He does fit the "assassination insurance" requirement of Republican vice-presidency.


Blogger Steve said...
And I was so counting on Mary Lou Retton .

Blogger Bob said...
As this point I don't know what's left for liberal bloggesr to do. After Bush, we know so much doesn't matter to the American voter: wealth, family connections, academic record, even experience - the Texan governor is a figurehead compared to Jersey's. "My white friends," asks John McCain, "who would you rather have a beer with? My wife has all the beer you want."

Blogger adam k. said...
Yeah, I doubt Powell would accept. I think he's voting for Obama this November. He seems to have learned his lesson and gotten out while he at least had a shred of dignity intact. Being McCain's running mate would eliminate even that.

The only real game changer, I'd think, would be to pick a woman, like Sarah Palin, or some CEO. Then the Hillary supporters would see it as a reason to defect, and Obama's advantage with women could diminish considerably. But I doubt it's in the cards.

Palin, for one, seems to be biding her time, maybe waiting for people to forget how sucky the GOP is and let the party remake itself so she can run for national office later, as some sort of post-partisan "new" Republican. And I doubt McCain would go with someone with no political experience.