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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mike Boettcher Takes Flight With No Ignoring! Truth Through Risk!
Posted by Melina | 11:48 PM
Our good friend, Mike Boettcher, of No Ignoring!, has reportedly completed preproduction and headed back to the sandbox. He headed out yesterday and is currently in Kuwait at Ali as Salim Air Base. He is now scheduled for an early equipment draw and then an air movement into Baghdad's Green Zone, followed by a Rhino Ride to Camp Liberty. At Liberty the team has a production trailer from which they will jump headlong into the dangerous project that they have spent months preparing for via a boot camp-like preproduction situation. The time in Baghdad is approximately 7 hours ahead of us here in New York City, and as he is duplicating the experience of the soldiers in the field, we can expect that by now Mike and his team are exhausted.

In the coming weeks, Mike will be providing us with information and stories from the battlefield to the field camps of Iraq. He and his team will be living alongside the soldiers and showing their experiences as soldiers, members of their platoons, and as human beings far from home, doing a job that is as difficult as it is terrifying and heartbreaking.

At the same time, Mike will be co-teaching a groundbreaking class, "War and Media,"at his alma mater, the University of Oklahoma, along with the Gaylord College of Journalism. Mike will appear weekly via video link to interact with students and give them an on the ground experience of what goes into war reporting. More on that here.

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