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Saturday, August 23, 2008

And So, it's Biden....Barack Makes His Choice...and it's Good!
Posted by Melina | 2:40 AM

Onward and upward; I've got to say that this choice is encouraging to me. Biden has some fire in his belly and he is not afraid to use it. This is around the boldest choice I've seen Obama make in this thing.
I'll be interested to hear what everyone thinks of this pair.
I,for one, am relieved. The guy is vetted, he tells it like it is, he has experience, and he is fucking angry about the crap that's been coming down the pike from the Bush administration.

A good thing about sleeplessness and insanity is that you're up at all hours when these things come out. So much for the nifty cell phone Obama-text that I was supposed to get...oh well...better luck next announcement.


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Blogger Distributorcap said...
i like biden, despite his love affair with banks.

he runs at the mouth, and that is a good thing i think right now

i SO hope mcfossil picks lieberman - oh please please please. if he can remember which house he asked him in