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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday Big Blue Smurf Blogging: What They Said
Posted by Jill | 9:14 PM
Today's honoree comes from all places, Le Grand Orange. No, it's not Satan himself, though even I have to admit that Satan gave a pretty kickass case for only rewarding GOOD behavior. No, today's honoree is "chumley", who wants to know why John McCain, a man touted as a war hero, is such a fragile flower that he needs endless ass-kissing.

Money quote:

You endured a horrible imprisonment for our country years ago, and we thank and honor you for it. But let's have some actual straight talk here: you've been thanked and honored for this exact thing for decades. Lionized, feted, canonized even. Maybe the problem is that you feel entitled to nothing BUT that at this point, but... if so, you shouldn't be running for President. It's not appropriate for a democracy to give anyone that office as a gift, without the proper debate.

What you want, Mr. McCain, is to be spared scrutiny. You want the office to be given to you by acclaim, and for ANY criticism of your record to be called an act of disrepect for your military service. It's a cowardly way to approach this election -- morally bankrupt and un-American.


...Now look at that paragraph directly above. I have NO doubt that if you and your campaign were ever to read it, Mr. McCain you'd go into the very predictable, sustained high-pitched whine about about how this clown on a librul blog was denigrating your military service.

It's pure bullshit, Mr. McCain. And it's a tired, shopworn line of bullshit at that. I think you actually know very well that neither Obama or Clark were denigrating your service or your sacrifice. For God' sake, both of them went out their way to kiss your behind (yet again! on that score.

...But a little asskissing is never enough for John McCain. The alleged "straight talker" needs nothing but flattery and prolonged smooching of his own backside, 24/7, or he starts crying and stamping his feet.

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