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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Could you pass the citizenship test?
Posted by Jill | 9:36 PM
At lunchtime I walk with a woman who works in the library at my workplace. She is from Nigeria, and was just sworn in as a U.S. citizen a week ago. At her citizenship interview, the only question she was asked was who the Vice-President is currently. The interviewer said she answered with such confidence she didn't need to answer amy more questions. She was actually disappointed, because she'd studied hard for the test.

This 30-question test contains 20 questions that are on the citizenship test plus 10 curveballs. I scored a 28; goofing on one question that I really should have known better, and another fargin' trick question (see 5:10 into the video for reference). But the questions on the number of Constitutional amendments and when the last one was ratified I got right. Go figure.

What's YOUR score? For that matter, what's John McCain's score?

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