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Friday, June 27, 2008

Campaign 2008: Uppity Negro™ Watch
Posted by Jill | 6:48 AM
I've deliberately stayed away from the petty bullshit foofarah over what Republicans say is the Obama campaign's "illegal" use of the "presidential seal" in a campaign logo, mostly because I haven't wanted to give this particular wingnut snit any more daylight than it already has, especially when it has an undertone of "Who does that boy (sic) think he is?"

As the great Skippy found at Mark Nickolas' blog, the Republicans are not above using the official seal to rake in some bucks.

But more than that, Skippy decided to take the racist suckers of the phallus of John McCain to task for their jumping on the "arrogant" meme that only seems like arrogance when it's done by a black Democrat with the temerity to think he can join the Ultimate Old White Guys' Club.

He has more intestinal fortitude than I do.

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