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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

All You Need To Know About the Resignation of Admiral William Fallon
Posted by Jill | 7:12 AM
Jesse Wendel nails it:

We are nuking Iran this summer (peak driving time; lots of opportunity for gas prices to blow SKY HIGH for their oil tycoon friends) or just after Labor Day, when everyone is paying attention, can freak out, and go rushing to the polls for McCain.


The Football is going to the Fighter Jock ex-POW, high-temper and all. Frightened white people will NEVER vote control of launch codes to a nig**r or a gi*l.

“If Bush/Cheney nukes Iran (or starts a war), initially, can a black or woman win?”

Another edition of Short Answers to Foolish Questions:

McCain would win by 10-15%.


Ain't nobody stopping this here permanent Republican revolution, no Sir. More importantly, ain't nobody nailing Dick Cheney or George W. Bush for war crimes. Nobody named President John McCain, that is. That's the deal. [Video at the link.] McCain already said clearly and publicly he won't be going after them: “I do not agree with your sentiment that there has been widespread corruption. I just don't accept that.” So no justice for what's happened, and how would he have time? Not when he's busy fighting a Global War on Terror with weekly attacks in huge LIBERAL cities all across the United States by actual terrorists major league pissed 'cause we fucking turned Iran into a glass parking lot.

Nothing like a weekly 9/11 attack to cause Americans to Rally Round the Flag, Boys, Rally Round the Flag like nothing else on earth. The flag of Jesus Christ, the United States of America, Purity Balls for Daddy's Little Girls to keep her sacred [you know] safe from everyone but Daddy, and the triumph of Republican Party for 1,000 years, Amen and Amen.

And if you think Bush/Cheney won't nuke anyone, remember...

No one including their parents and the Draft Board has ever told these folks "NO" and made it stick.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Shit. I'm going back to bed now. Wake me up in December.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's terrifying to think the only thing between us and annihilation is Congress.

Blogger Wren said...
Please be wrong.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Right. Gosh, we're all just so helpless ! O whatever will we do?

This attitude makes me want to VOMIT. What a bunch of surrender-monkeys and defeat-o-crats.

Blogger Wren said...
I'm neither a "surrender monkey" nor a "defeatocrat." But I have watched the Bush administration do exactly what it wants to do in spite of what the People want, for seven years running, now. Congress won't impeach and barely makes any attempt to buck him on our behalf. So I mean when I say to Brilliant "please be wrong." And I wonder at the same time if you, Invisible, have any viable suggestions.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And I wonder at the same time if you, Invisible, have any viable suggestions.

Why, yes. Yes I do.

P.S. Brilliant Hussein at Breakfast, I really love your new name. I think I will start calling myself Invisible Hussein.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
for skywind,
There's likely not to BE a December...

for ta hussain,
"Congress!?" You think CONGRESS stands between us and annihilation?? They do have meds for that feeling, you know!
Congress is very likely to cheer him on! They certainly won't get in his way. And between us!? Can I have some of what you're smoking?

Go, Nancy!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ted, you're not afflicted with genius, are you?

Blogger Distributorcap said...
you mean the October suprise is early this year?

i put nothing past this insane man, um men

Blogger Jennifer Briney said...
While we bicker over Barack and Hillary, they plan nuclear war.

Admiral Fallon should have refused to resign because they are just going to put someone in his place that will be more willing. Every time someone resigns out of principle, it pisses me off because that means that they are surrendering our government to these psychopaths.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I sure do loves me some Brattleboro, Vermont, don't you? I love them with a white-hot passion.

Vermont...whooda thunkit?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, you wouldn't know it by Googling it, however, Brattleboro, Vermont just voted to indict and arrest Bush and Cheney if they were to ever set foot in that fair city. There are a couple of other cities in Vermont that have similarly voted. I think they have something to do with crimes against the Constitution, or some such.