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Saturday, February 16, 2008

What the fuck is wrong with these people?
Posted by Jill | 8:04 PM
Clif at Sadly, No reports on some guy over at Pajamas Media who has no doubt been hiding under his bed with a package of plastic sheeting and a roll of duct tape for the last seven years; and who is willing to give up all of his freedom to be left alone in order to feel that Big Daddy Bush is keeping him safe -- but who blames the dead students at Northern Illinois University for their own deaths because dammit, they should have fought back:

From the safety of the Home of Economy store he manages in North Dakota, Pajamas Media blogger Rob Port takes the students of Northern Illinois to task for not throwing their laptops at the gunman in the recent shooting tragedy there:

In a recent post about the campus shooting at Northern Illinois University one reader, who lives near the campus, posted this:

I am discouraged that no one took their books, laptops, anything and just threw it at the guy, no one fought back. It’s that passivity that troubles me.

That’s a great point.

Is this dirtbag really that stupid? Does he have any idea how far you can hurl a laptop or even how far bullets go? Obviously, Port gets his exercise and his view of reality from playing first-person shooters where he can find a magic laptop that can be thrown 100 feet at 600 mph and will completely waste the reptilian alien monster chasing him through subterranean tunnels.

And why are college students just a bunch of panty-waists who won’t throw their Dells at crazed gunmen? Because of liberals, of course:

It seems that far too often modern Americans have an instinct to cower or run away when threatened instead of fighting back. Especially younger Americans, and based on my personal experience I’d have to say that it’s being learned in our schools. When I went to school fighting, even when fighting back against a bully who was threatening you, was enough to warrant suspension. Maybe even a call to the police and/or expulsion. I think the kids who grew up with that approach to discipline are the same ones who don’t fight back as adults.

Woohoo! More schoolyard brawling! That’s the ticket. If kids got gold stars instead of detention for beating up on classmates, you can be certain that each and every one of the kids in that classroom would have challenged the gunman to a fight by the bike rack during recess.

More here.

But seriously...I am asking: What the fuck is wrong with these people? How on earth can the very same people who have been shitting themselves with fear for the last seven years about Scary Brown Men coming to get them, think that a bunch of college kids, taken by surprise by a guy opening fire on them in a fucking AUDITORIUM, should somehow have "fought back"?

Will these people do ANYTHING to keep from having to answer the question, "Do you STILL think that everyone ought to be able to just carry a gun?"

Oh yeah, I forgot. If all those students had been packing heat they wouldn't be dead. After all, hailstorms of flying bullets only kill bad guys, right?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
These people have never had guns pointed at them. I have. It's an educational experience they should have, if only in passing.

In fact, warmongers in general ought to have something blow up sort of personally nearby, just so they know what they're advocating for other people.

Blogger Jill said...
Actually, I have too. I was working at the South Avenue A&P in Westfield, New Jersey in I think 1973 when it was held up just as I was taking some roll change back to my register. The very polite robber pointed a gun at me and told me to get back into the store's office, and the first words out of my mouth were "Is that real?" No, I was not Juno McGuff and it was not a movie. It's the kind of dumbass thing you say when a guy is pointing a gun at you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for posting this. I'd missed it at Sadly No!

I've been wondering how long it would take for the victims to be blamed, but, frankly, had been avoiding the subject because it so saddens me to hear the asinine comments from the Right.

Blogger Unknown said...
It sure is the American way to blame the victim. These people have no idea what it is like to to stare down a crazed gunman.

It is easy to call liberals names for not fighting back.

On the other hand, our current political climate is not condusive to any protests what so ever. If you are against anything the government does you are Unamerican.

Ironic that students should fight back against bullets but we should not fight back against policy.