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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome to the Theocratic Jungle
Posted by Jill | 8:13 AM
Glenn Greenwald on the Big Tough Democrats. (When you get to the part about the resolution the Democratically-controlled House passed overwhelmingly yesterday, grab a wastebasket in which to vomit. You're going to need it. (Pam has more on this travesty, and also on how utterly batshit crazy Mike Huckabee is.

Here's my question: If Christians are so damn sure that their religion is Absolute Truth, why do they need constant affirmation from others about it?

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Blogger Maya's Granny said...
Sadly, there is no waste basket big enough!

Blogger J said...
I often wonder the same thing...if their god is the only god, then it sure seems that he can take care of himself, doesn't it?


Blogger SadButTrue said...
I live in Canada, where sadly our Parliament has not seen fit to pass a resolution confirming that Christianity is supreme. The weeping of small children who fear that they will receive no presents from Santa this year as a result is pitiful.