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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Coming soon: a new "Critics over Coffee"
Posted by Jill | 6:58 PM
Those of you who remember my movie review days, or who were around last year around this time, remember the "Critics over Coffee" feature that ModFab and I used to do before he became modern and fabulous and I started ranting every morning in a vain attempt to keep my sanity. For those new to this neighborhood, COC is simply a transcription of our conversation after we see a movie, and like most conversations, it often veers from the topic of the film we've just seen, and like most conversations involving me, it often takes a turn to the political.

Now that ModFab's a big shot at the Drama League and I'm old and crabby and just want to be home, it's been over a year since we took in Happy Feet, so we've decided it's time to giggle our way through another movie.

Because he keeps his thumb on the cultural scene while I'm at home plowing through the Sunday papers, or refacing kitchen cabinets, or building TV stands, or trying to get through the piles of clutter, he's seen everything worth seeing in this awards season that may or may not culminate in the Night of a Thousand Bad Evening Gowns and Face Lifts™.

So we're going to see Enchanted. As ModFab so succinctly put it, "I haven't seen Enchanted, and I think seeing it with you might be a lot of fun...the
two old liberal feminists at the Disney Princess movie!"


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