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Monday, November 26, 2007

Lucy yanks the football away again
Posted by Jill | 6:44 AM
I'm not in the least bit surprised at this, are you?

Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin said Democrats won't cut funding for U.S. troops in Iraq even as attempts to set a goal for a withdrawal are blocked by Republicans.

``We're going to fund the troops,'' Levin, a Michigan Democrat, said today on the ``Fox News Sunday'' program. ``No one's trying to undercut the military.''

Two Republican supporters of the current strategy in the war, Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona, accused Democrats of ignoring military commanders and the success brought about by the addition of about 30,000 U.S. troops earlier this year.

Democrats on Nov. 16 fell seven votes short of the 60 necessary to move forward with a $50 billion funding measure that would have set goals for removing U.S. troops from Iraq. With President George W. Bush threatening to veto any legislation that would put restrictions on the U.S. presence there, Democratic leaders said they may wait until next year to act on military funding requests. Bush is seeking about $190 billion to pay for the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Levin said Senate Republicans opposed to setting any troop withdrawal goal are sending ``exactly the wrong message to the leaders of Iraq, that somehow or other, we're not going to put pressure on them to do what they promised to do.''

Can't win, don't try. Taking your party philosophy from Bart Simpson isn't exactly the way to lead.

What Levin and the other cowardly Democrats in the Senate don't have the guts to say outright, though the fact that they are admitting that withdrawing funding "undercuts the military" alludes to it, is that we have an out-of-control, insane Commander-in-Chief of the military who WILL leave the troops in Iraq whether they are funded or not. And that being the case, why won't they just come out and say it?

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