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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is clever and funny, but is it a good idea?
Posted by Jill | 6:48 AM
Something tells me that Steve Perry had better enjoy it while he can, because the number of Sopranos Finale parodies is going to wear thin very quickly.

But until that happens, I can't decide whether to give props to Hillary Clinton's ad people for coming up with this, or if it's a really dumb move:

I especially like the way the video shows the interaction between Bill and Hill. Every marriage has its own dynamic, and it's clear that whatever the problems they've had, this couple has a very intense and affectionate bond that transcends all of their marital strife. I also like the way it "Homer Simpsonizes" Bill Clinton. He is the 800-pound gorilla (cue the wingnuts who come here from Memeorandum and Real Clear Politics to post about his weight battles in the comments) who sits over the entire party, let alone this campaign, and while Hillary ordering carrot sticks because of Bill's inclination to the fried and the fatty may make the phallus-worshippers quiver with anxiety about Hillary's Terrible Penis Knife, I think it's effective in underscoring just who is the candidate here. And the presence of Vincent "Johnny Sack" Curatola to play the guy in the Members Only jacket is hilarious.

But a note to the campaign: are you guys really sure that you want to associate a candidate who, along with her ex-president spouse, has been accused by the must wingnut segments of wingnuttia of murdering forty-seven people, with Tony Soprano? There's something rather delightfully cheeky about tweaking this kind of nuttiness by doing so, but does this defuse the Clinton Conspiracies lunatics, or will this just trigger another round of elevating a couple that are still regarded inside the Beltway as rubes who don't belong as being the most Machiavellian duo in history?

At the very least, it provided the opportunity for Maureen Dowd to unsheath her claws again. I guess Bill never made a pass at her and she's still angry. I'm about as far from being a Hillary Clinton supporter as it's possible to be without an "R" after one's name, but every time Dowd does this kind of hatchet job I wonder if I should reconsider. Even if the Journey song "Don't Stop Believing" played in the show's finale would be far more appropriate, and at least marginally less horrible, than the Celine Dion shrei-fest she actually chose. Now I'll grant MoDo that one: Anyone choosing anything that comes out of Celine Dion's mouth as a campaign song by definition has questionable judgment.

(UPDATE: MoDo isn't the only one. Via TRex at FDL comes, right on cue, teh lunacy from Ann Althouse, Clinton obsessive de luxe. You know, I work in a building full of shrinks, most of whom are pretty liberal. There is a car with a "Stewart/Colbert '08 or the Terrorists Win" bumper sticker in the parking lot. And I don't think one of them would make the Freudian connections that Althouse does. Another one who's pissed because Bill never made a pass at her.

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