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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Monica Goodling invokes the IOKIYAR rule
Posted by Jill | 6:11 AM
I can't wait to see the wingnuts argue that "I didn't mean to" is an excuse if you're a Republican.

I really wanted to write about the appalling spectacle of this Christofascist Zombie's testimony yesterday -- the little girl voice...

... the giggles, the weepies, the careful refusal to utter the word "law" and her idea that if a Christofascist zombie does it, it is not illegal, and if it is, if she didn't mean to do it, then Jesus has forgiven her and the laws don't matter:

... the pious invocations of a virtuous Christian girl who unlike those liberal sluts, knows to keep her legs (and presumably her mind) shut, the job interview-like recitations of her college achievements, her statement (approximately 6:22 into the video below) that she went to a Christian college because she wanted to "serve" while stubbornly invoking her 5th Amendment rights when she has already been granted immunity:

But the more of her testimony I heard, the more angry I became, and frankly, the whole thing rendered me speechless. That this moron had the kind of power she had, when her experience seems to be more that of a sorority chick than of anything substantive, is just another "Brownie" moment in this Administration that places loyalty above all else -- loyalty to George W. Bush and loyalty to Jesus, with the two seemingly synonymous in the minds of the religious fanatics who have grabbed control over our government and are disinclined to let it go.

But aside from the fact that this woman's only qualification for her job was this kind of blind obeisance to George Jesus Bush and his henchmen, the most offensive part of Goodling's testimony was the idea that "I didn't mean to" is some sort of excuse, especially when given in the context of having been granted immunity from prosecution and then STILL trying to invoke the 5th Amendment. Can anyone honestly believe that this woman didn't "mean" to do exactly what she was doing? She may be very very sorry, but this particular sorry is about having been caught, not about playing a role in turning the United States Department of Justice (that's UNITED STATES, Monica, not "George W. Bush") into just another arm of the Republican Party -- in violation of the law.

But of course, to the Christofascist Zombie Brigade, the only law that applies to them is what they have deemed to be "God's Law" -- and that seems to involve lying, character assassination, firing of good people for ideology, and propping up a criminal government. To these people, "God's law" is highly fungible. Yesterday Monica Goodling attempted to throw Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty under the bus by accusing HIM of lying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. One of these two is committing the sin of bearing false witness. My guess is it's probably Goodling. But then, in her particular Christian reality, bearing false witness in the service of the theocracy is not a sin at all.

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