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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter miscellany
Posted by Jill | 12:48 PM
Holy blogrolling! It's exit stage-left, in the blogroll at right. Which must mean something, but I can't imaging what.

Nothing says Easter like a Google search for:

  • bodice ripping sex pictures
  • vultures in real estate
  • sam seder ana marie cox (I think this person was thinking of Marc Maron, not Sam Seder, but hey, all us Jews look alike, don't we?)
  • easter pogroms (Is someone looking for information on how to do one?)
  • refacing knotty pine cabinets (hey, searcher, I know something about this. E-mail me for more information.)
  • and someone in Germany looking for "european women wear bikinis"

So how do YOU think The Sopranos will end? I'm thinking that AJ is going to be the sacrifice to cement Tony's position in existential hell. Since AJ had showed signs of being a chip off the old block, but seemed at the end of last season to be starting to get his act together in his own right, and since the sins of the fathers must be visited on the sons, I think Anthony Jr. is going to get whacked -- probably by one of Phil Leotardo's guys in revenge for Leotardo's brother's whacking last season. Don't Get the Wrong Idea has some odds for you to ponder before weighing in.

And my advice for tonight is this: TIVO the second episode of Dexter and watch The Sopranos live. Then be sure to stay up for The Tudors. I hear season 4 is filming now and Dexter will be back in the fall, so if you still miss the Fishers and you're already having separation anxiety at the thought of never seeing Tony, Carmela, Christopher, and Paulie Walnuts again without their language cleaned up, you could just give over your Sunday nights to Showtime for the time being.


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