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Friday, April 06, 2007

The Daily Knut
Posted by Jill | 7:25 AM

If you have to ask, you just don't get it.

Meanwhile, Knut's reign of terror and the Germans' flagrant disregard of the Bush Edict to not mention polar bears continues. I'll let the little guy (or his ghost writer's translator) speak for himself:

Well, there´s a DVD out now – with great pictures of me and everything. You can get it in the zoo or at RBB (yes ok, it´s advertising, but there have been so many questions about it and then a great deal of the money is for my place here, so ...) But „pictures“ was the subject. How about painting a picture for me and e-mail it to knut@rbb-online.de!? I´ll pick out my favorites and put them online here for everyone to watch and see. The top five also get my new DVD. What else? Tomorrow I´ll show you two more videos – a new part of „Hello Knut!“ and the first part of the announced Interview with my Daddy!!! Oh - if you want to come and see me there are some new zoo-rules so that everyone CAN really see me. Take a look here. Ok - take care and see you tomorrow.

Smart little momzer, isn't he?

But as you can see, Knut's reign of cuteness terror is going to reach the end of its half-life relatively soon. Already he looks more like a polar bear and less like a Steiff toy. However, this song, with its visuals of cranium-exploding levels of cuteness and its horrific brain-lodging catchiness, is forever:


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