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Thursday, March 01, 2007

They ran it up the flagpole and no one saluted
Posted by Jill | 7:38 AM
And they have no personnel with which to attack Iran and North Korea at the same time:

The Bush administration is backing away from its long-held assertions that North Korea has an active clandestine program to enrich uranium, leading some experts to believe that the original U.S. intelligence that started the crisis over Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions may have been flawed.

The chief intelligence officer for North Korea, Joseph R. DeTrani, told Congress on Tuesday that while there is "high confidence" North Korea acquired materials that could be used in a "production-scale" uranium program, there is only "mid-confidence" such a program exists. Meanwhile, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher R. Hill, the chief negotiator for disarmament talks, told a conference last week in Washington that it is unclear whether North Korea ever mastered the production techniques necessary for such a program.


When Bush took office in 2001, a number of top administration officials openly expressed grave doubts about the 1994 accord, which was negotiated by the Clinton administration, and they seized on the intelligence about the uranium facility to terminate the agreement. The CIA provided an unclassified estimate to Congress in November 2002 that North Korea had begun constructing a plant that would produce enough "weapons-grade uranium for two or more nuclear weapons per year . . . as soon as mid-decade."

David Albright, a respected former U.N. inspector and president of the Institute for Science and International Security, issued a report last week in which he likened the intelligence on North Korea's uranium facility to the discredited intelligence before the invasion of Iraq that Baghdad was building a nuclear program. "The analysis about North Korea's program also appears to be flawed," he wrote.

This is now the Bush Administration's modus operandi. Claim that you have the intelligence, invoke mushroom clouds, then attack. The problem is that Americans aren't buying it anymore. Of course, this disbelief has its own problems, because it means that if and when here IS a legitimate threat, we won't believe them then either.

Sounds like a perfect setup if you want to allow another attack to take place on U.S. soil, doesn't it? Especially one timed to allow you to cancel the 2008 election.

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