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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why you should read Pam's House Blend Today
Posted by Jill | 12:40 PM
1) How organizations receiving Bush Administration "faith-based charity" money are both unqualified to run such efforts, and are employing what is essentially slave labor.

2) To find out about how the American Family Association knows about an upcoming March Senate vote on a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage -- when no one else does.

3) To read about an upcoming and possibly explosive scandal in the Catholic church involving the coverup of pedophiles by bishops in order so that said bishops can stay in the closet.

4) ...and a reminder of why the conservative outrage over remarks made at Coretta Scott King's funeral ring hollow.

UPDATE: John reprints the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Eulogy for the Young Victims of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing, on Sept 18, 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama and DARES Ken Mehlman to call Dr. King an "angry black man." Dr. King, it seems would have LOVED Rev. Lowery's eulogy for Mrs. King yesterday.
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