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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Honey, I'll keep the icepick warm till you read this blog entry
Posted by Jill | 1:57 PM

This one's for Mr. Brilliant, who is a huge Miles Davis fan.

Seems that an old album cover in which Miles is holding a cigarette is a bad influence on America's youth, so in a new compilation CD, the cigarette has been Photochopped.

Amanda at Pandagon found it, and she says:

What exactly is the point of this? Is this some kind of attempt to convince novice jazz fans that there's nothing sexy cool about lounging around with a contemplative look on your face and a cigarette in your hand? If there is, odds are it's too late--someone who's picking up a Miles Davis compilation, whether they are already a fan or not, probably already has an image of jazz being a music made under a cover of cigarette smoke.

Next up: A new Jerry Garcia compilation in which he's eating fruit roll-ups.
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