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Monday, November 28, 2005

A lame attempt to save face
Posted by Jill | 6:20 AM

For the oh, five or six of you who have been following our Save Morning Sedition Blogwhoring, at last we have some answers.

Unable to find a way for Danny Goldberg to save face, and unwilling to fire his know-nothing ass, which is what he richly deserves, it seems that Air America Radio is trying to keep Marc Maron in the AAR fold by negotiating a one or two hour show, buried in the dead of night when Goldberg no one's listening. One word for Danny Goldberg: PODCASTING.

Of course, Danny Goldberg is still living in Radio World Circa 1972, so he doesn't care about podcasts and streaming.

The new morning configuration at Air America Radio will consist of Mark Riley from 5-7, and Rachel Maddow from 7-9. While an additional presence of Rachel Maddow is welcome, it remains to be seen whether she's going to be allowed to retain the snark of her current 5-6 AM show, or if Goldbert is going to try to turn her into Mara Eliasson.

So after December 15, Morning Sedition listeners will be faced with the choice of selling out to Danny Goldberg's dumbass vision, or penalizing a good man like Mark Riley by not listening.

Happy fucking holidays.
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