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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Coddling Dictators the Bush Way
Posted by Jill | 9:42 AM

At the same time that the Bush Administration is trying to salvage itself in the face of the growing calls for an investigation of its pre-war planning by reciting the litany of Saddam Hussein's human rights crimes as justification for the war, C-Plus Caligula is still refusing to speak out againt another butcher: Uzbek President Islam Karamov.

As recently as this past March 12, Bush met with Karamov, lauding his participation in the so-called "war on terror." What Bush didn't note for public consumption is that Uzbekistan sits right in the middle of central Asia's gas and oil fields. This is no doubt why this administration has shoveled truckloads of cash into the coffers of a guy who has been known to kill dissidents by boiling them alive, and whose crackdown on dissidents last month has been called a "massacre" by Human Rights Watch. But so far, all Bush has said is:

"Thanks for bringing it up. We've called for the International Red Cross to go into the Andijan region to determine what went on, and we expect all our friends, as well as those who aren't our friends, to honor human rights and protect minority rights."

Yeah. And Karamov is going to obey the president of a country in which people think they have a God-given right to drive a Ford Excursion two miles to the Stop 'n' Shop.

And the day Karamov tells Bush to go fuck himself, somehow I think we'll be hearing about weapons of mass destruction in Uzbekistan, and how Karamov killed his own people, and how much of a threat he is to the rest of the world.
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