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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Bernard Kerik's Youthful Indiscretion
Posted by Jill | 4:35 PM

That is, after all, what Republican scandals are always called, isn't it? In case you're tempted to rend your garments that Giuliani's tough guy thug isn't going to head up the Office of Homeland Security because of a "nanny problem", check out the Center for American Progress' laundry list of his ethical problems.

Steve Soto has more (via Running Scared). Pithy quote:

In truth, Kerik was a corrupt GOP politician who happened to have a badge....It's sad to see that the ineptitude the Administration demonstrates in Iraq and foreign policy in general has spread to the most basic tasks like background checks and assembling a cabinet of bootlicking cronies. But let's also throw a brick at both New York Senators, Hillary Clinton and Chuck (See No Evil With Gonzales) Schumer, both of whom praised the selection of this Oliver North-loving, ethically challenged political hack who has misused his office and his staff for personal gain. So from now on, please shut up Chuck and Hillary. Neither one of you have any guts or real judgement.

Soto is exactly right, and this is the reason why Hillary Clinton should NOT be the Democratic nominee in 2008 -- unless the Democratic Party is insistent upon continuing its losing hack ways. Far from being the wild-eyed liberal of wingnut caricature, Clinton has proven to be a far-too-cautious, unprincipled, Republican appeaser. From her vote for Bush's war to her support for Bernard Kerik, Mrs. Clinton has the DLC's agenda writtten all over her -- move further to the right until you win. I'm an unabashed, unashamed liberal, and Mrs. Clinton does NOT represent me. She is NOT a progressive, and she won't be running as one.
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