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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Was Mitt Romney dogwhistling to racists in his New Hampshire victory speech?
Posted by Jill | 7:16 PM
I heard him say this and the first thing that went through my mind was "Did he just call Barack Obama a lazy n-----r?"

You decide:
President Obama wants to put free enterprise on trial. In the last few days, we have seen some desperate Republicans join forces with him. This is such a mistake for our Party and for our nation. This country already has a leader who divides us with the bitter politics of envy. We must offer an alternative vision. I stand ready to lead us down a different path, where we are lifted up by our desire to succeed, not dragged down by a resentment of success. In these difficult times, we cannot abandon the core values that define us as unique -- We are One Nation, Under God.

Make no mistake, in this campaign, I will offer the American ideals of economic freedom a clear and unapologetic defense.

Our campaign is about more than replacing a President; it is about saving the soul of America. This election is a choice between two very different destinies.

President Obama wants to “fundamentally transform” America. We want to restore America to the founding principles that made this country great.

He wants to turn America into a European-style entitlement society. We want to ensure that we remain a free and prosperous land of opportunity.

Here's what "economic freedom" is under Mitt "Oh Dear God No Not Another Republican President Trying To Prove That His Dick Is Bigger Than His Daddy's" Romney:
At Dade Behring Inc., a medical-testing company based in Deerfield, Illinois, Bain cut at least 1,600 jobs during a series of acquisitions before the firm entered into bankruptcy in 2002. Romney foreshadowed those cuts in a speech to employees shortly after Bain acquired the firm.

DDi Corp., an electronics company in Anaheim, California, filed for bankruptcy in 2003 after Bain sold shares in the company generating at least $85.5 million and billed $10 million in management fees.

GS Industries Inc., a steel company in Charlotte, North Carolina, filed for bankruptcy in 2001 after workers said a chief executive hired under Bain made missteps, including installing managers who lacked industry expertise, former employees said.

When some politicians make promises, they mean them, even if they know in their hearts that they can't deliver. But when a guy like Mitt Romney, who was born at least on SECOND base and thinks he hit a double, whose "summer house" is over 6500 square feet, whose already $12 million home in La Jolla just isn't bit enough (the man DOES have an obsession with size, doesn't he?), who thinks that you can just fire your insurance company if they don't cover your cancer treatments, conveniently forgetting about those pesky pre-existing conditions exceptions, tells you that he's concerned about your job, just look at his record. The man is flat-out lying.

From 1989-1993 we had a president who made clear that he regarded the world as a fiefdom for his family and friends to plunder as they saw fit. From 2001-January 2009 we had another one. Why on earth would we give the keys to yet another soulless bastard for whom no amount of money can fill the black hole in his soul?

I just got home from yet another 12-hour day. I dare Mitt Romney to tell me he works harder than I do.

Charles Pierce. Also. Read. Now.

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Anonymous toma said...
Mittens is exasperating. He's an utter nobody that still manages to be completely annoying. Like a grating noise. Or the scent of a skunk. I'd like to strangle the f*cker, but I'm not sure he's even alive. Can you kill a migraine?

Anonymous Southern Beale said...
I didn't pick up a racist thing there (though if it was a dogwhistle, then it's at a frequency I'm not attuned to ...). But I did think it was a dog whistle to the Rondroids and other "free marketeers" who so desperately want to believe everything would be peachy if we just let corporations run amok all over the people.

Anonymous The Wifely Person said...
Good gravy! What do you expect from plastic people?

Mr. Mittens is totally unable to grasp the idea that people can work and still be poor. He can't seem to grok the idea that if you fire someone they might not find another job so quickly in this economy.

According to him, if you don't have a job, you're a lazy whatever.

It's not about We, the People...it's only about him and his cronies. Gag me.

Blogger Pangolin said...
You're reading it wrong.

He wants to turn America into a European-style entitlement society.

That's Republican dog whistle code for..."Obama is going to give half of your paycheck to the lazy n---rs." Which is the favorite Repuke lie since at least Ronnie Reagan and the cadillac-driving-welfare-queen speech.

Actually it really makes no difference what he says since republican primary voters are completely divorced from reality.

Blogger Jimbo said...
It's so utterly pathetic how degraded our politics have become when entitlements, which people pay for in their taxes are regarded as a disgrace. I didn't get the dog whistle either until Pangolin's explanation. Now I understand. Romney's problem, other than being a really irritating phoney is that this uber-Conservatism he's playing at will have little credibility with the real reactionaries, which doesn't include the modern NH and will really turn off the Independents.

Anonymous Charlie O said...
I am completely astounded by this crap about firing your health insurance company. Most of us, a very large majority of us, DO NOT have that option. In that we receive our health insurance coverage through our places of employment, if you're unhappy, (and I've been unhappy, more than once) firing them is NOT an option. When I started with my current employer, we had a choice of 7 different health insurance plans. Thanks to corporate management, as of 2012, there one single plan. Take it or leave it. Mitt Romney can go F**K himself along with the rest of the GOP. We are all doomed.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Mittens is a smart person's idea of what a mannequin would sound like.