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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: State-Sanctioned Murder and Other Reasons to Despair edition
Posted by Jill | 5:37 AM
What does one even say about a country that seems perfectly OK with actively ending the life of an in-all-likelihood innocent man; one that professes to be pro-life but will not listen to anything that might change its already-made-up mind?

Oh. Right. The Tea Party drives the agenda these days, I almost forgot.

Tom B at They Gave Us a Republic asks, "How did we beget a generation of people who war for money, cheer at the number of people Rick Perry has condemned to death, shout out that people without insurance should simply be allowed to die, spew racial and religious hatred as if it were mainstream thought, put likely innocent (black) people to death while letting likely guilty (white) people go free or... who would deny their neighbors basic help in times of catastrophe and the myriad other examples of hatefulness, selfishness and greed we see on open display today unless there's something in it for them?"

Driftglass revisits Billy Budd.

Driscoll at Addicting Info on The Party of Death.

While we're being death-centered, how about a look at William Saletan's article about how Rick Perry's End-times "support" for Israel is a big gift wrapped package handed with a smile over to Islamic extremists.

Jess has had it with America.

A-1, first-class We Are Screwed rantin' from DCap.

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Blogger Ahab said...
I need to check out that link at They Gave Us a Republic. Thanks!