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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Yeah, that'll work.
Posted by Jill | 3:31 AM
Imagine the shining country on a hill the U.S. will become under these few examples of Kevin Williamson's proposed Sarah Palin Administration:
Vice President of the United States
Mitt Romney
WHY: The strongest 2012 candidate right now is “Generic Republican,” and Mitt Romney is as close to a generic Republican as the world is apt to see: silver spoon, plain brown wrapper. He is the vanilla ice cream of American politics: nobody’s favorite, but nobody’s least favorite, either. Smart, decent, reliable. Good to have a guy around who knows how to read a balance sheet, and excellent to have one who has actually turned a profit as a profit-turning enterprise.

Secretary of State
John Bolton
WHY: Because he will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. Our friends, too. Most awesome political mustache since Bismarck.

Secretary of the Treasury
Mitch Daniels
WHY: “The Knife” is the man you want standing athwart Treasury, yelling, Stop!

Secretary of Defense
David Petraeus
WHY: Somebody has to be good cop to Bolton’s bad cop. Also, General Petraeus has more credibility than just about anybody else on the scene. Unflappable.


Secretary of Agriculture
Pat Woertz
WHY: The Archer Daniels Midland CEO is steeped in the subtleties of the commodities markets and the real business of agriculture. Want to sell more stuff to China? How about we start with food? She’d be perfect, if we can afford her.


Secretary of Labor
Lincoln Diaz-Balart
WHY: Poetic to have Fidel Castro’s Republican nephew slugging it out with the labor unions that remain the last robust vestige of old-fashioned thug socialism in the United States.


Secretary of Health and Human Services
Bobby Jindal
WHY: Has actually fixed a health-care system. That’s saying something. Put him in charge of replacing Obamacare with a consumer-driven, market-based system.


Secretary of Homeland Security
Rudy Giuliani
WHY: Because we need some steel in our spine on everything from border-control to straightening out TSA. Also, why should Tina Fey dominate all the wig-and-dress action in a Palin administration? Also, Rudy owes the world an act of penance after failing to run for governor of New York, leaving the field to Carl Paladino.

You have to especially love the idea of John Bolton as Secretary of State. Because bullying worked so well when he was at the U.N.

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Blogger Bustednuckles said...
You, have a wicked sense of humor,

Actually, I would move Bobby to the Sec of Transportation.

Anonymous CC said...
Secretary of Energy - Don Blankenship

You betcha!