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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hey Barack Obama...aren't you glad you sold out health care to the insurance companies?
Posted by Jill | 7:08 PM
I wonder if Obama was naïve enough to actually believe that if he just manipulated health care reform so that it would result in a huge windfall for the insurance companies, they'd stick with the Democrats.

Another wrong guess by Team Capitulation:
Health insurers led by WellPoint Inc. are backing Republicans with campaign donations by an 8-to- 1 margin, favoring the party that’s promised to repeal President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul if it wins back Congress.

WellPoint, along with Coventry Health Care Inc. and Humana Inc., gave Republican candidates $315,000 from May through July, according to U.S. Federal Election Commission records. That compares with $41,000 given to Democrats by the three companies as the parties near November elections that will determine who controls the U.S. House and Senate next year.

While Republicans aren’t likely to win the large majorities necessary to override a presidential veto and repeal the health law Obama signed in March, they may be able to slow or stall its implementation, said James Morone, a political science professor at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. At the same time, the turn to strongly favor Republicans may anger Democrats who had been receptive to insurers’ concerns, he said.

“It surprises me that they would make such a definitive move,” Morone said in a telephone interview. Focusing donations heavily on Republicans threatens to unite Democrats on policy issues that have divided them, including how strictly to control insurers’ business decisions about rates, he said.

Who are all these "experts" and "experienced people" who are surprised at this? The Democrats have been folding like cheap cars for the last thirty years every time the name "Ronald Reagan" is mentioned. What made anyone think that corporations would change their allegiances?

It's like the town in which I love. A council member of 28 years standing -- a crony of the retiring regime that everyone hated, ran as the "candidate of change". And people believed it. And now the old geezers in town hang out at the Dunkin' Donuts and whine about how sorry they are that they voted for these people.

What do people expect? Do we all have to be Mets fans to recognize what futility is?

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