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Monday, August 23, 2010

The company they keep - Special Nazi Reference Edition
Posted by Jill | 9:18 PM
When Republicans embrace the Teabagger philosophy, they are no better than Mark Williams:
Mark Williams, former Tea Party Express spokesman and current leader of the tea party support group Citizens for Constitutional Liberty is back with another blog post that's sure to cause at least some eyebrows to raise. Williams, you'll recall, has a habit of using his blog to get himself into trouble over posts widely seen as bigoted and/or blatantly inciting the worst in the conservative movement. Today he's up with a new post calling New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer "Judenrats" for publicly supporting the proposed Cordoba House project in Lower Manhattan.

"Politically correct Judenrats like New York Mayor Michael Boomberg and Scott Stringer (Manhattan Borough President) and domestic enemies who are supporting the mosque - with open ties to Islamic Terrorist organizations and supporting states are doing nothing more than erecting a giant middle finger to be trust at the victims of 911... which includes all of civilized Mankind," Williams writes.

It's unclear exactly what Williams means by the term "Judenrats," but as you can see from the context, it's highly unlikely he's using the word as a term of endearment. As you may or may not remember from your World War II history, a Judenrat were the local Jewish councils that Nazis put in charge of administering the ghettos. Not exactly the kind of thing most people often call American Jewish politicians like Bloomberg and Stringer.

Mark Williams doesn't seem to realize that when you watch Inglorious Basterds, you're not supposed to identify with Hans Landa.

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