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Monday, January 25, 2010

OK, Should I be Paranoid or Insulted?

I just got notification that the White House's Official Live Feed for the SOTU Address this Wednesday night has a Twitter page and I'm being followed by it.

Problem? They only have 12 followers, are following 44 and some of them are Karl Rove, Glenn Beck and Gwen Ifill.

To be fair, they also chose to follow Rachel Maddow, Al Gore and President Obama himself.

Question: With perhaps hundreds of thousands of liberals on Twitter, why start with me, two arch wingers and a couple of dozen unknowns and why am I in somewhat rarified company, considering I haven't exactly been what you'd call laudatory of this administration?

Another question: Does anyone else think it's a bad idea for them to use as their official Twitter icon a shot of the President drinking a beer? I mean, aren't enough of us going to be playing drinking games?

I don't know if the White House put this Twitter account up or not but it still mystifies me that I'm in a small group that includes Rachel Maddow, Barack Obama, Al Gore, the White House, Karl Rove, Gwen Ifill and Glenn Beck.

Update: No, it's not official. I just noted in the profile that whoever it is hails from Omaha, Nebraska (Dick Cheney country).
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