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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Leave it to a pope who's an ex-brownshirt to decide that Pope Pius XII should be a saint
Posted by Jill | 5:58 AM
Sainthood just ain't what it used to be, now that they let just anyone in. Former Nazi brownshirt Pope Benedict has decided that the predecessor who looked the other way while six million Jews and millions of others were slaughtered by the Nazis should be elevated to sainthood:
Jewish leaders from around the world expressed their outrage today after the Pope opened the way for his controversial wartime predecessor to be made a saint, with some calling the possible beatification of Pius XII as "inopportune and premature".

Benedict signed a decree last Saturday on the virtues of Pius, who has been criticised for not doing enough to stop the Holocaust. The decree means he can be beatified once a miracle attributed to him has been recognised.

Beatification is the first major step towards sainthood. But Benedict, who has long admired Pius, continues to draw fire for ignoring concerns over the controversial pontiff.

Among those to criticise him was the World Jewish Congress, whose president, Ronald Lauder, said: "As long as the archives about the crucial period 1939 to 1945 remain closed, and until a consensus on his actions ‑ or inaction ‑ concerning the persecution of millions of Jews in the Holocaust is established, a beatification is inopportune and premature.

"While it is entirely a matter for the Catholic church to decide on whom religious honours are bestowed, there are strong concerns about Pius XII's political role during world war two which should not be ignored."

He called on the Vatican to immediately open the files on the controversial figure. "Given the importance of good relations between Catholics and the Jews, and following the difficult events of the past year, it would be appreciated if the Vatican showed more sensitivity on this matter," he added, referring to Benedict's rehabilitation of a Holocaust-denying cleric, Richard Williamson.

The incident sparked worldwide condemnation from prominent Jewish groups and individuals and placed an additional strain on interfaith relations, which were already under pressure after the pope issued an edict permitting a prayer that called for the conversion of Jews.

In France, the country's chief rabbi urged the Vatican to abandon its mission to beatify Pius. Gilles Bernheim said: "Given Pius XII's silence during and after the Shoah [Holocaust], I don't want to believe that Catholics see in Pius XII an example of morality for humankind. I hope that the church will renounce this beatification plan and will thus honour its message and its values."

This pope and Pat Buchanan ought to get together for a beer. They have a lot in common.(h/t)

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Blogger Ryan said...
And Pope Palpatine continues to set back the Catholic church another 100+ years.

Worst. Pope. Ever.

Outside of Pius, of course.

Anonymous ShortWoman said...
Why not canonize a few pedophile priests while he's at it?

Anonymous mandt said...
"Why not canonize a few pedophile priests while he's at it?" Funny you should mention. Ever heard of Opus Dei?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You should find out what a "brown shirt" is before you use the term. The Hitler Jugend were not the brown shirts. As for the Opus Dei comment I can only say Ignorance loves company.