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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ned Lamont Again...
Posted by Melina | 3:29 PM

I knew something like this was coming, but I didn't realize that it would be this big. Rising from the ashes of a mixed mid-term, Ned Lamont has decided to cheer us up a little by announcing that he has formed an exploratory committee to look into a run for the Governor's seat in Connecticut. Yes, my long suffering adopted state is getting another chance at Lamont, and we'd best not screw it up this time around.
Since the 2006 campaign for Senate, I have continued to meet with citizens across our state — as co-chairman of the Obama campaign in Connecticut, founder of a state policy institute at Central Connecticut State University, and as an outspoken advocate for health care reform. I have been constantly reminded during these conversations that Connecticut is not living up to its potential and that too many of our families are still being left behind.

Ned Lamont is a good guy and has some great ideas. The Governor's office, like most of Connecticut's government, is ruled by cronyism and less than legal shenanigans. The incumbent Governor, came into the office on the tails of her predecessor's perp walk and subsequent jail term, and yet she claims that she knew nothing of his deeds.
It seems to me that someone working closely within an office where certain entities are taking payoffs would surely at least know; if not, they were perhaps not paying attention. In any case, the governor's office needs new blood and though it might be an uphill battle, he could just be the man for the job.

At least its an interesting idea, in a year that will hopefully see the "retirement" of Joe Lieberman, the election of Ned Lamont to the governor's office would surely send a message. Of course, it appears that all of that depends more on Obama's behavior and the American People's short memories than anything that might or might not actually happen.

Good luck and Godspeed to Ned Lamont. Hes the kind of guy that we need now more than ever.

c/p RIPCoco

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