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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Worst. Vacation. Idea. Ever.
Posted by Jill | 6:20 AM
The Titanic Memorial Cruise, coming in 2012.
Make sure you go to that lifeboat drill. You don't know just how realistic they're planning to make this.

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Anonymous tata said...
How about an Andrea Doria memorial regatta? A Britannic memorial skeet-shooting competition?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
While I don't think I'll book this one [I've seen the Titanic Museum in Southampton and I'm not fond of 7 day open ocean cruises], I don't think it's the worst EVER. Or even the worst imaginable. [I'd nominate a reenactment of Amelia Earhart's last flight for that honor...]

Considering the number of sold out cabin classes already, I don't think your sentiment is universal. And many in Southampton would consider such a cruise a real "tribute". Indeed, I suspect many of those who have booked are relatives of those lost -- most likely relatives of CREW that was lost. Most people -- particularly Americans -- don't consider that the crew, largely low-paid (even by the standards of the day) service workers, of the Titanic was also lost. A tasteful memorial service performed at the wreck site might well provide some level of closure for these people. [The British, more so then we, still have this "reverence" for their ancestors!]

The Balmoral is a thoroughly modern ship. It's unlikely to hit an iceberg -- or anything else. Now, if they disconnected the GPS, phone, internet, and radar before departure, I'd probably have second thoughts. But I suspect they'd have real trouble finding a Captain capable of navigating without modern conveniences..

And I always attend the life boat drill. I enjoy watching the new cruisers stumbling over themselves. Frequently the most humor of the entire voyage.